Where does my love grow?

High as the tall oak that towers over us in awe?

Or as low as the deepest depths of the southern seas.

Below my feet they hide

As I hide you, my love

In all great reasons unclothed.



About anidalive

My name is Dina, my life is backwards. This blog is about my backward opinions and anything that comes to mind. If I feel I need to rant (and that will probably be a lot) I will rant my little butt off. Please feel free to rant along with me and tell me your side. I want my opinions and feelings out there for everyone to hear and engage in my crazy mind. Hopefully I can keep everything in there organized enough to keep you all entertained and interested. If I go off on a tangent, please stop me. Tell me enough is enough. This may happen a lot as well. But for any good reason. Speak the truth. Speak your mind! I know I am!

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